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SftD: Worm-Reef Dwellers by Concavenator SftD: Worm-Reef Dwellers :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 17 1 SftD: Oromian Reef by Concavenator SftD: Oromian Reef :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 21 0 Leucrota by Concavenator Leucrota :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 21 0 SftD: Predators of the Thunderwhale by Concavenator SftD: Predators of the Thunderwhale :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 21 0 SftD: Bountiful Sea by Concavenator SftD: Bountiful Sea :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 22 2 Logarithmic Timeline by Concavenator Logarithmic Timeline :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 13 3 Helminthornis khapravamkae by Concavenator
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Helminthornis khapravamkae :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 13 1
SftD: Fuegian fauna by Concavenator SftD: Fuegian fauna :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 16 0 SftD: Forest of Amazonaria by Concavenator SftD: Forest of Amazonaria :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 23 5 SftD: Oromian Jungle by Concavenator SftD: Oromian Jungle :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 15 1 SftD: Tyrannobates and Cladognathus by Concavenator SftD: Tyrannobates and Cladognathus :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 16 5 SftD: Syringothamna and Melittocancer by Concavenator SftD: Syringothamna and Melittocancer :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 14 0
AuxLang Project 12a: Vocabulary (Part One)
How many words?
How many words does Okeslan need? For the sake of simplicity, I'd say as few as it can.
Ogden and Richards' Basic English famously cut down the general-purpose English vocabulary to 850 words, but as Mark Rosenfelder points out, they had to use idioms whose meaning cannot be deduced from the components (e.g. for "succeed", even though doesn't mean "fail").
The Swadesh List is a compilation of basic words that are found in all languages, and that are commonly used to measure the degree of relation of multiple languages. In its final formulation (1971), the Swadesh List has 100 words, including simple concepts ("all", "not", "this", "big"), organisms ("dog", "fish", "tree"), bodyparts ("head", "eye", "bone", "hand", "egg"), actions ("eat", "sleep", "know"), elements of nature ("water", "sand", "mountain") and qualities ("cold", "good", "round"). As of Ch
:iconconcavenator:Concavenator 1 0
Equal population zones by Concavenator Equal population zones :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 8 0 SftD: Uranopteryx by Concavenator SftD: Uranopteryx :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 21 2 SftD: Life Above the Clouds by Concavenator SftD: Life Above the Clouds :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 19 0


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SftD: Worm-Reef Dwellers
Species of the mixed tubeworm-and-snail reefs of Erebozoic seas, from Settlers from the Deep. Astrosiphon is an example of such reef-building worms. Ictalurellais a worm eater that defends itself with electric shocks (this picture shows its anterior skeleton and the muscular electric organs; you can see its life-like reconstruction in "SftD: Oromian Reef"). Cochleophis is a snake-like predatory cone snail. Trachelophis is a moray eel-like predator descended from catfish. Lithodactylus is another worm- and snail-eater that walks over the reef with legs derived from fin rays.
SftD: Oromian Reef
A portion of reef in the shallow waters of the Oromian Sea, from Settlers from the Deep. A variety of sessile gastropods descended by cone snails can be seen, including many parasites of the larger species, as well as filter-feeding tube worms. A sparkfish hovers above, searching for gills and tentacles to bite off. The tube worm in the front is a predator, which exploits resemblance to innocuous relatives to wrangle a fish or crab in its tentacles.
My submission for COM 73 on the Speculative Evolution forum.

The leucrota, or leucocrota, or crocotta, a creature from Medieval bestiaries with an extremely wide mouth and the ability to replicate human voice, reconstructed as an Andrewsarchus-like carnivorous basal ungulate.
SftD: Predators of the Thunderwhale
Parasites and predators of filter-feeders, from the oceans of Settlers of the Deep. Bdellocephalus and Polybelon are parasites descended from electric catfish, like their enormous host: one sucks fluids through a sucker mouth, while the other pierces its skin with rigid stilettoes. Spheconectes is a swimming pack hunter descended from cone snails.
SftD: Bountiful Sea
Inhabitants of the open oceans from Settlers from the Deep. Aspidurus examinans is a minute crustacean derived from crabs that retain a larva-like form all their life, and form vast swarms just below the sea surface. Phagonauta exulans is a catfish descendant that wanders the ocean catching the wind in an oversized dorsal fin, trawling sticky barbels in the water to catch preys. Pogonocetus tiresias, another catfish descendant, is a huge, blind filterfeeder that locates bugfish swarms with an array of chemical and electric sensors.


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